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Our Methodology

A typical project at SMITHFIELD DIGITAL goes through our product development lifecycle (PDLC) starting with the client’s Requirement Gathering, Concept Design, Prototyping, Development and Delivery. Throughout this process we use state-of -art technology in digital environment and.

Our artists are the true brain and trust at SMITHFIELD DIGITAL using their expertise to create amazing works. We believe our work, our talent and competent use of proprietary technology and processes will lend towards delivering a one-of-a-kind creative media content solution to our clients.

Smithfield Digital PDLC (Work Schedule)
Creating media content that meets client’s need involves a creative process that relies on significant the client involvement. Rarely can a 3D Artist/Designer disappear for a few days or weeks and emerge with the perfect design; that is usually not the most effective approach to deliver an awesome product.
At Smithfield Digital we following a defined PDLC to create and deliver media content solutions that meet our client requirement the first time everything! The following are the details of the stages in are PDLC.

Smithfield Digital PDLC

  1. Research/Requirement Gathering: Our lead 3D Artist/ Designer will meet client to discuss their project and gather the requirements regarding the objective of the design, animation requirements, branding and messaging themes, intended audience, and other relevant specifics. The 3D Artist leader/Designer would also be the point of contact for the client for all design communication.
  2. Concept Design & Prototyping: Applying the information and requirement gathered in the stage 1, our design team will produce 3 different concept designs for the initial evaluation, review, and discussion with the client. The Client will select from the prototype during this stage any necessary adjust to the design would be made to meet the clients requirement. Adjustment can include color changes, editing style, modeling, rendering adjustments or combine different elements form the concept designs or additional requirements.
    The design work will generally take place at our studio. The lead 3D Artist / Designer will coordinate on-site visits to client as and when required for meetings, evaluations, reviews, and other pertinent purposes.
  3. Design Development: Once a concept design is selected and approved, our design team will develop the concept design in a fully realized design/product.
  4. Acceptance/Delivery: Once the design is developed we will present and review the design with the client and make any tweaks and adjustments necessary to produce the deliverable design. Once the design element/deliverable is accepted by the client the associated files will be delivered in the file format and mode specified by client (e.g. jpg png etc. on CD, Moving Image etc.) and this complete project/product.

Statement Of Work (SOW)
Our SOW details cancellation and pricing, with policy and governance terms and conditions, you can find it here

Upon full payment and depending on the contract agreement the client will be given unlimited, unrestricted rights and ownership to the deliverable design /product.

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