Smithfield Digital

Equipments & Technology Services

Broadcasting Studio Equipments:
As the entertainment industry grows in Africa, Professional TV/Radio broadcasters, Recording Studio, Artist are now being offered a unique new way to buy state-of-the-art professional equipment as we announces the launch of our Media/TV Consultancy.

SMITHFIELD DIGITAL can help you select right equipment based on your specification and broadcasting needs. Equipment includes:

  • Audio Equipment Accessories
  • System Cameras & Channel
  • Digitizing & Preservation Migration System

Interactive “Event to audience” Entertainment Technology Platform
(Music, Film & Entertainment video production, Virtual Venue/Streaming solutions)

Our consultancy services engage in providing and implementing existing technology and new “entertainment technology” in the Entertainment industry.
Are you in the music, television or film industry and interested in understanding how the latest “entertainment” technologies can transform your business or you have a technology and not sure how to use it, contact us at

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